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What I really want to tell you...
May 10 – August 31, 2019
Fundación Pablo Atchugarry, Miami
What I really want to tell you… explores the multilayered cultural, social, and political histories of Brazil. Featuring the work of fourteen artists spanning over several generations, this exhibition showcases how they respond to historical and contemporary conflicts and externalize their examinations through artworks that impact, inspire and engage, thus becoming their own manifestos of exploration, interrogation, and change.
“What I really want to tell you…” are lyrics from Chico Buarque’s song Meu Caro Amigo (1976), which can be heard in the background of Anna Bella Geiger’s video—the lyrics continue to inform “things here are pretty nasty.” From its very title, the exhibition declares itself as needing to communicate a message, perhaps something alarming. By means of photographs, videos, installations, and paintings, several of the artists reflect that need in their work. While harnessing art’s inherent characteristic to stimulate and inform new ideas, yet with no intention to present a conclusive panorama, the exhibition serves as a platform for dialogue in times of divergent realities.
Artists: Almandrade, Jonathas de Andrade, Liene Bosquê, Paulo Bruscky, Anna Bella Geiger, Rubens Gerchman, Ivan Grilo, Randolpho Lamonier, Vanderlei Lopes, Gabriela Mutti, Paulo Nazareth, Regina Parra, Rosana Paulino, and Mano Penalva.
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